Book Report on Apt Pupil by Stephen King

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For my report, I read Stephen King's Apt Pupil. The unique thing about this book is that the author tries to portray evil exists more then ever. This book is also based around psychological mind games which makes it even more interesting. The theme of this book is evil, as it is portrayed in many aspects. The main points conveyed in this book are Todd's evil, the psychological games, and trust.

Todd seems like an innocent young boy but as the book evolves it is clear that Todd himself is evil. Todd Bowden finds out his neighbor Kurt Dussander is a former Nazi and confronts him. In the confrontation Todd says he will not turn Kurt into the authorities if Kurt tells him some of his stories from WW2 and the concentration camps. At this point it is hard to tell if Todd is indeed crazy or if he is just fascinated and is trying to take advantage of an opportunity.

But when Todd kills the man in Kurt's basement that is when it becomes clear that Todd is truly evil. Todd withholds information from the Mossad agent and FBI agent when they ask him if he knew anything about Kurt, a good kid would know that telling the truth is essential but Todd lies and that shows his true colors. At the end of the book Todd kills his guidance counselor when his counselor confronts him about who his "grandfather" really is. That is Todd's second murder and it is clear that Todd starts the book as a pretty good young kid, and when the book ends he is an evil boy that feeds off of Kurt.

Kurt plays psychological cat and mouse games with Todd that cause the both of them to feed off each others evil...