Book Report on Blood Tracks by Karen Rose Cercone.

Essay by Golflim November 2003

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The book I read for my report was the mystery novel by Karen Rose Cercone, Blood Tracks. The story takes place in Pittsburgh in late November 1905. The story is portrayed in the 3rd person point of view. The main characters are Milo Kachigan, Helen Sorby, and Art Taggart. Milo Kachigan is a young Armenian detective for the Allegheny County Police Department. Helen Sorby is a radical writer and a settlement-house director in East Pittsburgh. Art Taggart is Milo's portly partner and is one of the few non-corrupt detectives in the bureau.

The story begins with an explosion outside the settlement house. Helen hangs up her phone and goes outside to investigate. Already a large group has gathered outside to see what is going on. Once outside, Helen sees Abraham Maccoun, the resident anarchist, standing by the large fissure in the yard. When asked what happened, Maccoun replies, "I was just testing out one of my bombs, but I didn't hurt anybody."

Soon after Helen is horrified to discover a body and two severed legs in the large back yard crater, but after a closer investigation Helen finds that the body is cold and must have been there for at least a day. Helen decides that the only way to get to the bottom of the mystery is by turning herself into the police along with Abraham Maccoun.

Meanwhile police headquarters receives a call to send over two detectives to investigate a suspicious death in East Pittsburgh. Milo Kachigan and Art Taggart are sent to investigate. Milo is ecstatic to receive this case instead of having to walk his beat and collect bribes from local businesses. Once he arrives at the holding cell of the two suspects he realizes why he was selected for the case. His former...