This is a book report on the book : The Great Escape, By Paul Brickhill.

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1. This story is about a prison camp in Sagan, Germany. In this prison camp, there are over 700 prisoners from World War 2. These prisoners are all anxious to get free from the devastating camp, so they try to create 3 tunnels to get out of the camp. Tom, Harry, and Dick. These are the names of the tunnels. The German solders or ferrets find out about Harry, and Harry is the one they were originally planning to escape from. When this happens, the prisoners try to complete Tom. And they succeed on digging it, it approximately took them a year to escape from one of these tunnels. When they finish Tom, they soon realize that they are too near the fence and that they will most likely be caught, so they decide to do it cause, they would be found out by the time they try to extend the tunnel.

76 men escaped and 50 were murdered alter on in the novel. 11 made it home and the other five were secretly murdered.

2.The setting of this story takes place in Germany during World War 2, 1942. The camp Sagan is located in Sagan, Germany. The tunnels were moderated and ran by

the "X-Organization." There were different groups made up to make the tunnels. The main leader of this idea was Roger Bushell. He was a British officer of the RAF in Great Briton.

3. Conflicts that were used in this novel was man vs man cause there was a war going on and the men had to fight there way to freedom when they were captured. Also man vs nature was used when the hard-arsers (Men who had to walk to friendly territory) had to go through the wilderness and fight the...