A book report on the book- Halo: The Fall of Reach By: Eric Nylund

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This book is about a highly-trained group of people called the Spartans, who's job is to prevent the destruction of innocent planets from highly-destructive alien forces, otherwise known as, The Covenant.

The military warriors did not start out this way. The agency engaging in project SPARTAN found the best possible children candidates,that had the traits of strength, agility, and a highly developed mind. Without parental permission, the agency took the children and put them through rough physical training, and different excersises that increased their already superior bodies. They had school lessons that taught them strategic maneuvers, and many other military tactics. As they grew older they began their first assignment, and showed amazing results.

The main character in this story is a Spartan by the the name of John, also referred to as Master Chief. He leads all of their operations, and his fellow Spartans trust him, even when their death is in sight.

He may not be the smartest, or strongest Spartan, but his strategies in plans always aid them in succesfully completing their missions, and most often save their lives.

The alien races start taking over planets, and the regular forces do not have enough power to defend themselves against this threat, so the Spartans are sent in. Their mission is to rescue human hostages, and eradicate the alien forces so they can bring back balance to the universe.

This is a great book, in which the action never ceases, and your always wondering which side will deem victorious. I highly enjoyed this book, and I'm sure anyone else who read it would say the same thing.