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Rev. Waithe became personally aware of the need for selected and specific materials to be done on attempting to assist people of the Caribbean acknowledge and approach in a conscious manner human sexuality. He thought that Caribbean people needed to recognize, understand and accept their sexuality rather than approach it in an air of ambivalence. In his view, the materials written in this field, had an absence of how to really apply pastoral counseling to the Caribbean people; who in his mind had a characteristic history and culture pertaining to their approach to sexuality. The writer has a firm belief that nurture has a he role to play in the human behaviour of Caribbean folks. He also exerts a strong emphasis of quoting and data to show his confirmation of history on influencing sexuality.

It is the authors intention to assist the pastoral counselor and facilitate insight on the approaches, techniques and research needed and available, which an create understanding for him/her.

The author has simple but concise psychological statements which he has spread out into a broader horizon:What causes us to behave the way we do?How can we as men and women improve family showing love, care, empathy devotion and responsibility?How can we alter thee negatives behaviours and responses?What avenues can the church use to assist Caribbean people in meeting the above mentioned purpose?He also looks at how the pastoral counselor may put the male at case to enlighten him on the sources, which are unconsciously hindering his ability to accept responsibility in the home. It also assists women who have been taught to be submissive or extra careful to examine the root cause of such behaviours. He stated that the eclectic approach is primary in improving the counseling techniques of the pastoral counselor.

The author stresses the...