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Dr. Strangelove

Despite the graphic and cheesy opening scene, this film actually turned into a watchable film which also carried a strong message. A black comedy, "Dr. Strangelove" made fun of what was once a sensitive subject. In this film, we see the horrors of the nuclear war caused by a simple mistak. This film explores the problem of one person going crazy and turning technology against society. This was a fear that genuinely had troubled people since the beginning of the nuclear age. Although the exaggerated scenarios which took place may seem highly improbable, nothing ceases to be impossible. In fact, there were several incidents showed in the movie that are similar to factual events which had occurred, especially during the cold war years.

In this film the politics of nationalism and perceived hatred towards the enemy are thoroughly mentioned. During the shots in the plane where a mix of races join together to bomb the Soviet, they are shown to be sticking together to succeed in their mission as fellow Americans.

They had no prejudices with each other. They go through many trials during their trip like fuel leaks, damaged equipment, and missiles shooting at them. But they stick together with an American ideal, that determination that is never ending. But where there is strong and abundant nationalism, there is also an abundance of prejudice when it comes to the enemy. General Ripper states that, "Your Commie has no regard for human life, not even his own," and Turgidson also says, "I'm beginning to smell a big fat Commie rat," and later refers to them as "a bunch of ignorant peons." To the people back when it was made, this film was an anti-war film. It showed the absurdity of nuclear war and what it could lead to.