This a book report on the Ghost of Tsavo and discusses how there is possible two types of lions in Africa

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The book I read, was Ghosts of Tsavo. The book is about a group of lions in Africa that are a little abnormal compared to the other lions in Africa. Philip Caputo, a sixty-year-old lion enthusiast, writes the book. The book really tells the story of about three people?s adventures with lions in Africa. The main one that is focused on is Caputo?s. Even though in my opinion his is the most boring of the bunch.

The first story is of Colonel John Henry Patterson. He was a British army engineer in charge of building a railroad across Uganda. He was sent to over see the building of a bridge over the Tsavo River. He arrived in Tsavo in the spring of 1898. He brought with him an army of workers from India, Africa and Britain. When he got there he had no idea of the problems he was going to have.

After they first started construction the camps started being terrorized by lions; man-eating lions! They would sneak into the camp at night and snatch sleeping workers from out of their tents and devour them. At first Patterson tried to detour the lions by putting up barriers. They tried putting up a form of natural barbwire to keep the lions out. This didn?t stop the attacks because lions have the ability to make a vertical leap of twelve feet. They them decided to put a ring of fire around the camp but they lions again just leaped over it. The lions in Tsavo turned out to be smarter then a Colonel expected. Patterson then decided instead of trying to detour the problem that he would put an end to the source. Patterson has already experienced in hunting tigers in India so he started to hunt the lions that were...