book report on "Hiroshima" by John Hersey

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ISSUES Briefly describe the issues that are dealt with in the book.

This book was vary informative to me. This book mainly talked about the affects

of nuclear weapons. On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom

bomb ever dropped on a city. It speaks about how even if you did survive the blast you

were so badly injured that you would die soon anyway. It talked about an incident where

someone's eye was melting and was oozing down his face. It speaks about how houses

were lifted of there foundation. After all the research about the bomb was made, they

reported that 78,150 people had been killed, 13,983 were missing, and 37,425 had been

injured. Even before the bomb, the citizens of Hiroshima were waken almost every night

because of false warnings of intruder planes coming in the area. It talked about how a lot

of people had to go on living with only one leg or one arm.

To me, it brought up a good

point, that all those innocent people had do die for nothing.

CHAPTER SUMMARY Briefly summarize each of the chapters: main ideas, narrative


The first chapter is called 'A Noiseless Flash.' The title kind of speaks for it self.

That was exactly how the bomb was. No one saw anything or heard anything but a flash.

The first chapter speaks about how people are wondering why they are alive, but their

next door neighbors aren't. It was weird, there could be a house right in the middle of

two houses; the one in the middle survived the bomb but the other two did not. A whole

neighborhood could be wiped out except for a few houses. Why those houses did not get

knocked down, no one knows.

The second chapter...