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Jane Eyre - Penniless and in Pain

Being an orphan and poor can make someone stronger. In Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane is an orphan, penniless and in pain, but full of courage in spirit. Jane does not have a close relationship with her cousins because she is poor and is an orphan. She has very little right to express herself in front of her relatives because they take that right away from her. Jane makes her way through all obstacles by persevering. Jane Eyre does not get along with her cousins, is not allowed to express her feelings, and she perseveres and endures through her troubles.

Jane Eyre's parents died when she is very young. She lives with her relatives, whether she likes or not. Unfortunately, she does not get along well with her relatives. Jane's relatives tell her that she has no money and she is useless.

She is disliked by all of her cousins. When Jane attempts to get a book, her cousin says, "You have no business to take our books: You are a dependent, mama says: You have no money." (10. 4~6). Jane looses control and is upset as she is being told that she is poor and that she is of no use. Further more, this event made her relationship with her cousins even worse. One day, Jane Eyre becomes ill from being trapped in a red room, and she gets a chance to go see a doctor. She tells the doctor what her relatives think about her and says, "For one thing, I have no father or mother." (23.18~19) When Jane Eyre lost her parents, she was very young, and has no memory of them. When she is told that she has no father, this upsets Jane greatly. Jane Eyre...