Book Report: Jon Mancip White's "Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt" a four paged double spaced book report which recieved an A++ in my Western Civ Honors class

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Book Report: Jon White's "Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt"

World Book's encyclopedia refers to Ancient Egypt as the birthplace of one of the world's first civilizations. Jon White very well illustrates Ancient Egyptian life and while doing so is sure to include much detail and point of view. He covers many of the core features of Egyptian life, and explains each one's significance. Jon White's "Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt" goes into physical, social, and economic points and aspects in ancient Egypt.

As mentioned with great detail, over the course of approximately three thousand years, from around 3200 B.C.E to around 330 B.C.E., thirty individual dynasties are discussed along with their conquests and downfalls. Beginning with the founder of Egypt's first dynasty, White brings up King Menes and greatly and informingly constructs ideas and facts about the numerous people and/or dynasties that ruled. Not to forget the doings of Nectanebo the second who is more formerly known as the last of the Native Pharaohs towards the end of the thirteenth dynasty.

The book then takes an interesting approach to give the reader a mental picture of the historical sites and key cities. Along the Nile, one by one the reader thoroughly investigates the cities. Such cities include Memphis, Thebes or Tel el-Amarna. Also, both upper and lower Egypt are taken into account and are addressed in the book.

Other emphasized ideas and aspects in the book relate to Egyptian civilization. Their civilization can be broken down to past times, individual and private stories and lives, along with social configuration. Not only does White give a description and go into detail about each topic, but examples also take part in the book's elucidation. White also makes sure to include the changes that occurred throughout the era,