An book report about les miserable in a political fashion.

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Les Miserables

Victor Hugo was correct. Books like Les Miserables that reveal the corruption and evils of society will never be useless to us.

The poverty of man still surrounds us today, over 100 years after Les Miserables was written. Poverty still pollutes the cities of America. One of Victor Hugo's main reasons for writing Les Miserables was to help people recognize that not everyone is as well off as they could be. Hugo showed the world that one man could make a difference. Jean Valjean, the main character in Les Miserables had huge impacts on everyone he came in contact with. Thankfully, there are actual people like Jean Valjean that help the homeless and the poor. Characters like Jean Valjean and people like Victor Hugo truly do inspire others to be better and to help the unfortunate. ("Household Economic Studies": 1-10) People in Africa, 3rd world countries, and even in America die each day due to malnutrition and starvation.

Fortunately, Les Miserables and books like it can help people understand how important it is to help the less fortunate. Organizations such as the IRRI help feed the starving children and adults of these unfortunate countries.

Cosette's childhood was dwarfed or shortened because of her life with the Thenardier's. Fortunately there are Child Protective Services who investigate abusive parents and if they are in fact abusive the children are taken away and put into a better home. Organizations such as the Child Protective Services prove that there are people like Jean Valjean who want to help children in need of better homes and better families. As you can see there are real life people like the character Jean Valjean who help the less fortunate lead better lives. Les Miserables shows us the evils of society. After we identify the...