Book Report on "The Life You Imagine" By Derek Jeter

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This book started off as the Yankees just winning their third World Series in just four years. In the locker room everyone was celebrating as Derek Jeter was trying to get to the exit so he could find his parents. Derek's parents have been helping him to achieve his goals. As a child he was required to do his homework before he did anything else. He also had to sign a contract each year about his goals and the rules he needed to follow to be able to participate in sports. In high school Derek played baseball and basketball at Kalamazoo Central. As a child he grew up in Michigan but was always a Yankee fan. While in high school he was watched by many scouts including scouts from the Yankees. His life goal was to play baseball for the New York Yankees. He first announced this goal to his parent one night when he was very young and his parents sat him down even thought it was very late to talk to him about this.

They told him that he could do it but it would be very difficult and he would need to obtain goals and abide by certain rules. This guidance from his parents caused him to be noticed by the Yankees and in the 1st round of the draft in 1992 he was chosen 6th overall by the New York Yankees. As a Minor League player he would create many errors and was sad almost every night. When he got to his room he would call his parents and talk to them. In 1996 he made his major league debut against the Seattle Mariners. Ever since that game he has been playing short stop for the New York Yankees. Derek's mom went to...