This is the book report of, "Of Mice and Men." by John Steinbeck. Also includes my opinion of the book.

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The story begins with two men that are walking down a dirt road. One of the men was named Lennie and the other was named George. As they were walking, George was cursing and complaining about the bus driver, who had dropped them off four miles to early. They now had to walk the four miles, until they were at their new job. George rested for a while, as Lennie left to get some wood for a fire. He came with only one stick and a dead mouse, which he tried to conceal in his pocket. George told him to throw away the mouse and get more wood for the fire. Lennie hesitated, then finally threw the mouse and left for more wood.

As night began to fall, George heated two cans of beans by the red glowing fire. As the cans sat by the fire, George and Lennie began to talk about how they would live and work in the future, without a care in the world.

When the beans were finally heated, they ate hungrily and went to sleep for the night

The next morning George and Lennie finally arrived at their destination. They were ready to see the boss, who would be interviewing them for their job. The boss was not currently present, so an old man, by the name of Candy, greeted them and showed them to their bunkhouse. The old man began to tell them about where their beds are, the tasks that they would be completing, who the other workers are, and how they were like. Another man, who was the boss, walked into the door and informed Lennie and George that he had been waiting for them. He then started to ask them simple questions about where they have worked before and what...