Book Report Questions for "Ann Frank - Diary of a Young Girl"

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Book Report Questions for "Ann Frank - Diary of a Young Girl"

By: Bill Kilpatrick

1. What kind of girl do you think Ann Frank was?

Describe her character.

I think she had a great personality regardless of her bad situation and the fact that she went a little paranoid because of her surroundings. Ann Frank was observant, smart, always thinking, and had a good attitude in the midst of extreme tragedy, loneliness, and pain. She longed for freedom, and tried to make the best out of the horrible situation she was in.

2. What would you do if laws were passed against you because of the color of your skin or your grades in school or your height or nationality? How would you feel and react?

At first I would feel discriminated, unwanted and violated of my rights. I would work to get the laws changed. I would try to get as many people as possible to openly disapprove of the laws so there would be pressure for lawmakers to change it.

I wouldn't obey the laws and resist anyone that tried to stop me. I would lead the oppressed people to use force against the government if necessary. I would not sit and do nothing while people are being treated unjustly because of something that does not matter, something that isn't their fault and definitely has no affect on their ability to live like everyone else.

3. Which character of the group in hiding do you like the best? Why?

I like Otto Frank because he cared about his family. Knowing many other Jews were being taken away by the Germans, and the torture they went through; he arranged for them all to go into hiding. He was very responsible and put first what was best for...