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I have read 'Red Sky in the Morning' by Elizabeth Laird. It is a novel based on the life of a mature teenage girl called Anna Peacock. The story is told by the main character in the first person. It is a family drama and as it is told in the first person. I was able to get a great idea of what Anna feels and what she thinks. This can be bad though because I do not see anything out with Anna's view.

The story includes the theme of disability & friendship. Anna has a new brother to cope with. He was born with hydrocephalus and she has to handle what her friends would say about her if the truth got out about her brothers handicap.

The story starts in Anna's house when she is only 12. Her mum is about to give birth and Anna wants to help.

She is very mature for her age so she generally tries to help out as much as she can and this night was no different. She tries to comfort her mum by saying 'Now just relax, Mum,' 'Everything's under control.' Anna starts to realise that things are not quite right with her mum's baby. For instance the doctors took a lot of unusual equipment upstairs to her mum's room that Anna had not seen before. The baby turned out to be a boy which they named 'Benedict Peacock'. You see, Ben was special. He was born with hydrocephalus, which enlarged the size of his head and made it very hard for him to learn and understand things that a normal baby would learn easily.

Anna keeps the secret of Ben's true identity from her friends for as long as she can, scared they might make fun of...