Book report/review -- 'WINTER' by John Marsden

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The book 'Winter' was written by John Marsden. He had won a number of awards for his books. His novels range widely in topic and subject matter, from war to school life. However, a number of similarities can be noticed in many of John Marsden's books, which help to make his novels different from other authors. 'Winter' is a remarkable and touching story which is about 16 years old Winter, came home to find out her mother's death.

Without even started to read the book, the title 'Winter' gave me a cold impression that this would be a unhappy story. John Marsden, the author made the story differently than any other stories. Instead of telling the story by the narrator telling us about the characters and the settings, giving us a clear image of the story, it was a first person narrative journey of this girl 'Winter', herself telling the story; of what she sees, how she felt in situations which putted more feelings and depth into the story.

'We left the flat country, the paddocks of nothing, the barbed-wire fences running like stitches on bare skin. Gradually we starting winding up hills. The turn off to Warriewood was on a sharp bend'

As you can see an example of how John Marsden had written the story in a first person narrative way, telling the story without describing things fully made readers to actually imagine to see from what Winter sees. Unlike other stories, gave you a clear idea which made stories less imaginative which fitted the title 'Winter'; bitter, mysterious, isolated...

Although there are many characters in the story, Winter is the main character because she is the one telling the story from what she...