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The Stranger, by Albert Camus is about a French man named Meursault who goes through many hardships throughout the book which change the way he looks at the world. In the beginning, Meursault's mom dies at the old people's home. Meursault then goes to visit her for the last time and see her buried. Meursault never cried, he just sat there in the room with his mom's deceased body the whole day and as soon as she was buried he hurried home. The next day he went for a swim and met Marie there, a former typist in his office where he worked. They saw a movie together and the she slept over his house. The next day Meursault spends the whole day sitting outside in his balcony watching people pass by. After the weekend he goes back to work, where he has a conversation with his friend named Emmanuel.

Back home, Meursault meets up with his neighbor Salamano and his dog. Salamano got the dog after his wife died and the dog is hairless because of a sickness. Even though Salamano swears at the dog all the time and hits it, he still loves it to death. When the dog gets lost later in the story, Salamano comes to Meursault for help. He starts crying because he doesn't want to lose the only friend he had since his wife died, Meursault comforts him by telling him to look at the pound.

Another neighbor, Raymond, invites Meursault to his apartment for sausages and to talk about some business. He tells Meursault that he has a girlfriend and that he found out she was cheating on him so he would beat her. The reason he wanted Meursault's helps is because he wanted to get revenge. He wanted to supposedly...