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We live in a world, where we no longer maintain faith in the United Nations; a year away from its deadline for the millennium development goals, we see how the UN has again failed to fully achieve even a single goal so far. We have survived the two world wars and the deadly cold war, but we still question the future of international politics. The Syrian conflict, the separation of Crimea from Ukraine, the drone strikes in Pakistan and the slow demise of America as a world power, all these current scenarios have left the international audience baffled and they now question the very foundation of whether the so called global village can be governed or not?

In 2012 Mark Mazower authored the book 'Governing the World: History of an Idea', the book traces political history of the international arena, and it puts forth various ideas and perceptions of political actors who philosophized about systematic governance of the world throughout different eras.

Mark Mazower is an historian and a writer, he specializes in the study of international history. Equipped with the study of international affairs from John Hopkins and a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University, Mazower has fathered many influential and informative books and is currently professor of history at Columbia University. In Governing the world, Mazower starts his master piece by a gloomed view of how we have evolved from a species that had faith in international institutions to one that has completely lost faith in the very idea of fair international order and governance (Mazower, page xi).

The timing of this books release is crucial; as we witness the failure of international institutions in the 21st century. The main crux of the text revolves around the notion that the very idea of governing the word and...