Book Review on a book by Dean Koontz called Darkfall

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Title: Darkfall

Author: Dean Koontz

# Pages: 371

Date Published: February 1984

Type Novel: Fiction- horror

Place/Time Setting: New York- September


Jack Dawson: He's a cop and his partner is named Rebecca and they have to crack a case with brutal voodoo-related murders. He is in love with Rebecca.

Rebecca: Rebecca is Jack's partner and she is afraid to love him back. She doesn't believe in voodoo and magic.

Penny Dawson: Jack's 12-year old daughter

Davey Dawson: Jack's 7-year old son


1. The eyes were like slots in a furnace grate, providing glimpses of the fire beyond. (page 86) I like this passage because it's so descriptive and it helps to visualize what the evil things were.

2. A big sister had an obligation to watch over a little brother and protect him, even if he could be a pain in the neck sometimes. (page 120) It's SO true!!!!! That's why I like this statement so much.


3. His eyes were still hard, still watchful, still cold, but there was something new in them. Fear. (page 133) I like this statement because I like the way Koontz set up the sentence- there was something new in them. Fear.- it really puts the message out.

4. He was breathless when he finished- and astonished by what he said, startled that such an understanding had been in him. (page 219) This quote is very touching in a way, it makes you smile.

5. She looked around the demolished room, shaking her head, trying to deny the evidence before her eyes. (page 231) I like this passage because that's when Rebecca finally starts believing in voodoo and then they can fight together.

6. The night was bitterly cold, but the stormed seemed to be passing. (page 370) This passage...