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Title: Deception PointYear of Publication: 2002Pages: 583Author: Dan BrownGenre: Political ThrillerPublisher: Corgi BooksPlace of Publication: Great BritainText type: NovelWhen Rachel sexton is sent as a civilian scientist to Antarctica to aid in an important discovery, she uncovers a shocking lie, a lie that would plunge the world into controversy. But before she can contact the president, she is drawn into a web of lies, blackmail and murder. She must fight for her life to reveal the truth to the world, but little does she know, that the truth is the most shocking lie of all.

Deception Point is about a remarkable NASA discovery that will shock the world. The NASA satellite “PODS” discovers a meteorite containing fossils of extra terrestrial life buried deep in the Arctic ice. This meteorite is very important to the White House, who is fighting a losing battle against Senator Sexton in the election, as he is campaigning against NASA. The President, who doubts that the world would believe the discovery, sends a team of civilian scientists to confirm the existence of the meteorite and the fossils hidden within. Included is the senator’s daughter, Rachel Sexton and a well known celebrity, Michael Tolland. The team discovers that the meteorite is a fake, but before Rachel can contact the President, she and Michael are attacked by a deadly team of assassins controlled by the mastermind behind the lie, who will stop at nothing to hide the truth. Their only hope for survival is to discover who planned the elaborate lie, but they will find out that the truth hits closer to home than anyone could have imagined.

Deception point is a brilliantly laid out and very intense book that keeps you locked in for a to roller coaster ride of twists and turns, I would...