Book Review, Forth Laurens 1778-1779

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Book Review of Fort Laurens, 1778-1779

The book begins with an explanation of how the American colonies were steadily winning in their effort for independence from Great Britain. However, the headquarters for British military in America was located in the west, inhabiting the area of Detroit. The British at Detroit served the needs of Indians well with blankets, bullets and whiskey; therefore 10000 Indians were attached to, or under influence of the British. American officials tried to persuade Indians to join their side but could only get the Delawares of the Turkey and Turtle Clan. Moravian missionaries proved the key to recruiting Delawares. The Delawares loved the missionaries and preferred Americans because Moravians preferred the American cause.

Now wanting to settle the west, the Americans needed a campaign to conquer the British military at Detroit. The British were planning to use their many Indian allies to help combat the American campaign.

And to make matters worse Chief Cornstalk and Chief Red Hawk were killed while under truce by Americans, forcing the Shawnees to fight with the British. March 28 also saw three of America's best leaders-Alexander McKee, Matthew Elliott, and Simon Girty defect from America. Virginians decided to join also as they desired the land in the west for its protection against Indian attacks. Colonel Morgan of America believed an attack at Detroit was needed, and the Delawares would let a passage through their country. And the fort at Detroit could not withstand an attack from American military. This idea gained much support and the Continental Congress made it a national policy.

George Washington needed a man to lead the campaign and he chose Lachlan McIntosh. McIntosh had been recommended by Henry Laurens who was the serving president of the Continental Congress. The Continental Congress held off the expedition...