Book review of Mitri Raheb's book entitled "I am a Palestinian Christian".

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I Am a Palestinian Christian

By: Mitri Raheb, Ruth C. Gritsch, (translator)


Christian Reality in Palestine

Mitri Rabeb's book, I Am a Palestinian Christian, is a religiously inclined book. It gives great insight to the Palestinian Christians struggles within the area of Israel. Most information that we get is based on either Jewish or Muslims opinions, but rarely do we get to see the hardships that the people in the middle face.

Raheb is a Palestinian Christian pastor who ministers in Bethlehem and tells his experience of what other Palestinian Christians face in that region. He writes this book with the intention of being a mediator between the Western Christian world and the Palestinian Christian community. He wants each side to understand each others struggles and he feels that by educating the Palestinian Christian community and helping them develop a local theology, it might help reduce some of the conflicts that are taking place in Israel and Palestine.

Pastor Raheb's book is organized into twelve chapters, including a forward, conclusion and appendix which helps give the reader a better and deeper understanding of the region.

Chapters 1-4 identify Palestinian Christianity as being a minority in the Christian world. Many of the Christians were refugees driven away from their homes and that in the 1950's there was much economic neglect. During the six-day war, when Israel gained occupation of several territories, they prohibited Christian Palestinians to return to their homes if they were not present during the war. Finally, the ones that were left only became strangers in their own land, being humiliated on a daily basis. Living under this occupation, the Palestinians have no right to vote and no right to any resources in their country. They pay four times as much for water...