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Night: A Book Review Throughout history, many events have taken place shaping the world that we live in today. Although some of these events have brought about beneficial outcomes, others have led to revolution, turmoil, and most importantly lifelong pain and suffering. Among these, the Holocaust stands out as the most devastating period in recorded history. During the years of World War II, the Nazi movement headed by Adolf Hitler, along with the Fascist party, brutally murdered over six million Jews, tearing families apart, and leaving an eternal wound in the Jewish community. Even though the war ended with the liberation of all Jews and the destruction of the Nazi party, the damage had already been done.

In the novel Night, Elie Wiesel describes his encounter of the Holocaust in the most unbelievably painful story that I have ever read. With unbearable details, the Holocaust survivor drew me into a fascinating tale, which led me to honor him as a true hero.

Using themes, characters, and events found in Wiesel's novel, I have written this review to exemplify this wonderfully written account of the most demoralizing period in the history of mankind. Additionally, my review stands to praise Wiesel's style and heroism, as well as to inform readers of the great tragedy called the Holocaust.

After reading Night, I have withdrawn many themes that Wiesel used to describe his terrible life as a prisoner in the Holocaust. By describing events that took place, introducing important characters, and writing with such wonderful style and voice, Elie Wiesel has created a story, which is driven by these themes. First, the shift from strong faith in God to utter disbelief in faith stood out as an overwhelming theme in the novel. This theme not only effected Wiesel, but it also effected the lives...