Book Review - Scarecrow, Matthew Reilly - Oral Presentation

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The title of the book that I have chosen to present is Scarecrow.

The author of this book is Matthew Reilly. Reilly has written many books including Contest, Ice Station, Temple and Area 7. Out of these other four books, I have read Ice Station and Area 7. This is because Ice Station, Area 7 and Scarecrow are part of a series. Scarecrow, compared to Reilly's other two books, is a faster paced book with more action and suspense.

This novel fits perfectly into the genre of action/thriller . Throughout the novel there are so many different types of action and thrills that Scarecrow is placed on top of all other action and thriller novels. Other novels of these genres that I have read include: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Sum of All Fears, Deadman and The Chase.

This novel is a fairly complex novel as the aim is continually changed and new information is provided bit by bit.

It starts off basically that there are huge bounties for 15 people and each bounty worth 20 million dollars. On this list, was the main character of this novel: Shane Schofield, otherwise known as Scarecrow. Once Scarecrow found out that he had a bounty on his head, only 4 or 5 other men were still alive. The people who were running the bounty hunt were known as the 'Majestic 12'. The Majestic 12 was a group of 12 people (hence the name) who aim to make more money and control how the world operates. The reason why the Majestic 12 have hosted this bounty hunt was because the 15 people on the list are the only people who could deactivate the special missiles that were going to be fired. These missiles were special as they were able...