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In The Book Of Ruth, by Jane Hamilton, every character suffers some form of pain. Many of the characters aren't sure how to handle their pain the right way. Each character also has a different reaction to the pain, just like in reality; everyone handles his or her pain differently. Some people don't handle his or her own pain the right way. Others know how to regenerate their pain in good, constructive ways. By reading this book, the previous statement is proven. In this book, you will see how three characters; Ruth, Ruby, and May, all deal with his or her pain, in their very individual ways. Everyone has to go through hard times, but your attitude towards your suffering determines the outcome of your life

One of the major characters in the book is Ruth. Ruth, the daughter of May, and the sister of Matt, was constantly put down as a child, and even after that.

One of the pains that Ruth endured, was the constant putdown by May, her own mother. "I didn't mention May's habit of yelling at me. She wasn't actually yelling at me all the time; she only needed someone to blame for how rotten her life was going, I did do stupid things more often than not." (60). Ruth thought that because May always told her she was stupid, and inferior to Matt, that she really was! Another person that hurt Ruth was her teacher, Mrs. Ida Homer. She also put Ruth down all the time. "Mrs. Ida Homer made me stand in the wastebasket, because I wrote on my desk and poked my neighbor, and because I did not follow directions. She said I had to stay in for recess to get the colors inside the lines of the turkey." (18). Mrs.