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Haley Steffen

Book Summary Assignment

Mrs. Dykins and Mrs. Helsper

20 October 2014

Remember Me to Harold Square

Kendra Kaye lives in New York City with her parents and her annoying little brother, Oscar. Oscar calls himself O.K. and Kendra K.K. since those are their initials. Oscar is constantly at Kendra's side bugging her, and her mom is always nagging her to clean her room. Kendra faces the struggles of just about every teenager dealing with smothering parents and little freedom. All of her friends have left the city for summer, and she dreads the long, boring summer ahead. Her parents have something new in mind for their summer. The Kaye's will be having a guest, Frank Lee, a fifteen year old boy from a Wisconsin farm staying with them for the summer. Kendra is stunned and her mind races with a million questions. The two families go out to dinner to discuss their plan for the summer.

Frank's parents are going to Europe for vacation to try to mend their marriage. They have been arguing constantly, and then Mr. Lee was diagnosed with cancer. Their hope of this trip is to rekindle their love. Mr. and Mrs. Kaye lined up a Scavenger Hunt that will take Frank, Kendra, and Oscar all over New York City. They decide to call themselves the Serendipities. The Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the United Nations, and more places welcome them as the trio goes exploring all over the city. Kendra's favorite attraction was visiting the set of a famous TV soap opera. It was hard at first for Frank to adapt to the city life, but he enjoyed himself. He and Kendra grew closer and closer throughout the summer. Kendra had never had a boyfriend before, and Frank's girlfriend...