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November 1, 2013

The Beauty and Ugliness of Characters in The Book Thief

There are many different characters in the novel The Book Thief. They have many characteristics that can describe each character in their own way. One is how a character can show both, ugliness and beauty. This characteristic is shown throughout people in the world. They can appear nice at a moment, and then can be extremely cruel and evil. The attributes in the characters can be shown in worldly people also. The characters in the novel that possess this characteristic the most would be Rosa Hubermann, Frau Holtzapfel, and Liesel Memminger. They can be described as a bipolar person, because of their ugliness and beauty. The following paragraph speaks about the strongest character in the novel that has an ugly side and a good side, she is Rosa Hubermann.

Rosa Hubermann is a very strong character in the novel The Book Thief that has two sides.

She has a good side and a bad side. An example from the novel that shows Rosa's niceness is when Rosa and Hans became foster parents for Liesel. The ugly side of Rosa can consist of multiple incidents Rosa has been involved in. Rosa enjoys swearing, she liked to call people Saukerl and Saumensch. Rosa has once beaten Liesel for spending the money she had received after delivering the laundry. It was mentioned in the novel Death said, "Liesel, covered with red marks, lies on the floor. When Hans comes and plays the accordion an hour later, she begins "to recover"." (Zusak 99). After Rosa had beaten Liesel, Liesel stayed laid on the floor. As mentioned on page 99 of The Book Thief. Rosa had stopped punishing her when Liesel told Rosa...