Book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Title: Things Fall Apart Thesis Paper. Thesis form. Explains how slaying of Ikemefuna, 7 year long exile, murder of a messsanger contribute to his downfall.

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Things Fall Apart: Draft

Thesis Statement: Okonkwo's life bodes well until 3 unfortunate events occur, each cumulatively brining him slowly to his downfall

Thesis Outline:


Give Author and Title (Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart)

Explain how his life is aimed high until --

Thesis Statement


Discuss how Ikemefuna's slaying (by his own stepfathers machete) helps weaken Okonkwo emotionally. To Okonkwo, crying is a sign of weakness, so he bottles some up and lets some out in his Obi.

Give examples of how Okonkwo is sad about having to kill Ikemefuna. (pp 57-60)


Discuss how the accidental firing of the rifle at the wrestling match caused his exile, which was not his fault. This helped to remove his high ranking and multiple titles.


Discuss how the missionaries, once Okonkwo returned, caused his clan to slowly dissolve since the white man continually pressed for people to convert.

His own son betrayed him and converted, so his rage built. Eventually, he recognized that he had lost it all, and once a missionary came to break up a meeting, he brutally decapitated him.


1. Discuss how almost all of the 3 unfortunate things in the story are not Okonkwo's fault. He dealt with them until a final act of rudeness by the Missionaries drove him to kill and then commit suicide. He realized that there was nothing he could do to reconstruct the clan, and thus, took it out on a Missionary.