Book You Would Save for Posterity: "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice.

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I would save the "Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice. This includes "Interview With a Vampire", "The Vampire Lestat", "Queen of the Damned", "The Tale of the Body Thief", "Memnoch the Devil", "The Vampire Armand", "Merrick", "Blood and Gold", "Blackwood Farm", and "Blood Canticle".

I really like these books because they are sort of an escape from reality, while they still refer back to certain points in history. So these books can be for pleasure and history. Anne Rice refers to slavery in Interview With a Vampire, and even as far back as the Crusades in Blood and Gold. I find this interesting, because they are after all fiction-based novels. I also like the way she writes the books in the vampires' perspective. You can really get into the books and almost feel what they're feeling. You don't get that from all authors. It's quite odd, though, because you always think of vampires as crude creatures, and she makes them out to be so human.

You can really relate to them, and I find them so interesting.

I think that if these books were saved, people could still get lost in books, and enjoy themselves.