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Book Report-Holes Plot Summary

Holes by Louis Sachar was a fun and exciting book to read. It was packed with suspense, action and humor and I couldn't put it down until I had read the last page. Holes was about a boy names Stanley Yelnats who was sent to Camp Green Lake (a boot camp) where you had to dig a hole everyday while you were there five feet deep and five feet wide. Right now you're probably wondering why did Stanley have to go to Camp Green Lake? Well, here's the story: Stanley and his poor family live in an old cramped apartment that always smell like stinky sneakers because his dad is trying to find a way to recycle old sneakers, and when he finds a way he claims he'll be rich. Well, one day after having an awful day at school Stanley was walking under and overpass when, out of nowhere a pair of sneakers fell "out of the sky" and smacked him on the head.

He thought that it was a sign from God to his dad, so he started to run home unexplainably. It just happens that these sneakers the "fell from the sky" belonged to Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston who was a famous baseball player. The shoes that Stanley was running with, were stolen from a homeless shelter where they were estimated to be auctioned off for over five thousand dollars. Later that day Stanley was arrested and in court he was given the decision to go to jail or go to Camp Green Lake. His family chose for him to go to Camp Green Lake and just pretended he was going to a camp where rich kids go every year. Holes takes you on an adventure with Stanley to Camp Green Lake to discover that you aren't really digging holes everyday to build character but for another purpose...