Bookreport on the book "Hot Blood" by Ken Englade. I used quotes from the book for dramatic entrance. This book report was used for an oral presentation that lasted 5 minutes.

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"He wasn't called the Sandman for nothing. It was true that when he showed up at a facility, otherwise-healthy horses mysteriously went to sleep."

When reading the book "Hot Blood" by Ken Englade, I came to realize how certain individuals' greed can lead them to coming together to murder someone's champion horses and then to causing the disappearance of the heiress of one of the richest companies in the country, the Brach Candy Company. I chose to read this book because my mom read it and got me interested in the plot. In this completely factual story, hit men are hired to electrocute champion horses when they don't perform. Hired by even the horse owners themselves in order to collect insurance on the horse, a dollar amount far exceeding the money the horse has become worth. When picking up this book and starting to read, I expected it to hold my attention and stimulate my investigative mind.

I expected it to teach me about the scandalous crime that had been mainly stationed in Libertyville, Illinois, not even a half-hour away from where I live, involving people my parents and my sisters have met in the barns where their crimes will go down in history.

This book held my attention so well that I took it with me everywhere I went in the two days it took me to read it. Both reading this book and having previous involvement in the horse show circuit kept me baffled that people who seemed to love their horses, could then just kill them when they were used up. To satisfy the greed the money temporarily alleviates. The author of the book included the most specific details such as dates, times, locations, and even the names of the horses. Because the lawyer who investigated the case wrote the book, it was written in a way that included a lot of previously unknown inside information, making me think really hard about putting together the clues leading up to the outcome of the crimes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has interest in law and investigation, to anyone who wonders about the politics of the high rank horse business, and to anyone who wants to read a real-life mystery book that will take them on a long trip. Slowly discovering more details to decide for yourself what is really going on in the minds of the few corrupt horse owners and the men who do the dirty work by doing the murdering of both horses and humans alike. "Charisma dropped as if struck by lightning. Except for the heavy thump when the high-priced animal hit the floor, there was no sound at all.