This bookreport is about the little prince and how this book relates to my mom and me

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The Little Prince is my life time favorite book. Personally, I think The Little Prince is the epitome of book for both children and adults. Although this book is only one hundred pages long, I think the book has more meanings than any other books I have read thus far. My grandmother recommended me to read this book when I was only five years old. But when I was five, I could not understand why she made me read this particular book. On top of that, I thought this book was interesting only because it talked about a little prince living in a small star. Moreover, I was not one of the Grown-ups, whom the book mentioned about thus I could not understand why the author decided to write a book about a young man, who hated the lifestyle of Grown-ups and a little prince, who observed the lifestyle of Grown-ups.

This book is a superbly astonishing and should be read by every single person in the world.

I think this book is amazing because it attracted attention of both children and adults. When children reads this book, this book makes children to memorize certain things that makes children read this book one more time when they grow-up. I thought of recommending this book to everyone who never read this book before. And often I realize that I should have recommended this book to someone important to me. The proverb says, "It is only too late if you don't start now". Therefore, I recommend this book to my mom who probably has read this book when she was young. I truly want my mom to read this book in English because when I first read this book in English I felt something strong inside and that was different from books...