Bookreport on Lord of the Flies by Wiliam Golding. Plus an evaluation at the end.

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Title: Lord of the Flies

Author:Wiliam Golding

Genre: Adventure



Ralph: Twelve years old. Tries to organize the children on the island into a group that works together so all children are fed and have shelter, and most importantly, work to keep a signal fire lit so they make be rescued off the island.

Piggy: A fat child who is a constant companion to Ralph. He is torn by his feelings, however, because it was Ralph who told everyone is name was "Piggy," which he hates, but Ralph's actions makes him believe Ralph is the best leader of the group.


Merridew: Nicknamed "Jack." Self-proclaimed leader of a group of five boys who were all in a choir group together.


Ralph is in a plane that crashes on an island. Piggy befriends Ralph and Ralph blows into a conch shell to summon the island inhabitants. There are no adults on this island.

They elect Ralph as Chief. Jack's group is appointed as the hunters (pigs were the only source of meat found on the island) and other kids are told to build shelters and keep a signal fire going. Those kids in charge of the signal fire continuously let it go out because all they want to do is swim and play. It was difficult for the hunters to make the first kill, but after that kill, they find they enjoy it. They repeatedly chant, "Kill the beast, Cut his throat! Spill his blood." They hunt, feast and have fun, and Jack encourages the kids to join his group and to break away from Ralph's group. They soon start using some of these children as a hunting sport by chasing them and pretending to kill them. During one of their frenzied chanting, feasting evenings, they attack a child...