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Spring Victory

Book Report

Finding main idea

The main idea of the short story is about a boy and his family. They have a very hard winter, their father is sick in bed from a flu. They had a bad harvest this autumn, and have almost nothing to eat. They are striving to survive; the mother decides to make baskets. The main character then sells them in town. First it isn't successful, but then everybody knows him, and wait for more baskets. Everyday he brings home the needed goods. And they manage to survive. At the end of the story he and his sister get a new brother, and their dad finally gets well. They managed to live through the harsh winter.

Recalling facts and details

One fact in the story is that the narrator's mother used to make baskets, and was very good at it before.

A detail that supports that fact is that she was able to make baskets, and her dialog with her children when she says that she used to be very good at it when she was helping her husband make them, but she isn't as good at it anymore. Another fact in the story is the narrator's dad was always the one who rode to town. A detail that supports that fact is when the narrator says when he is going to town that he is proud taking his dad's place; therefore his father was the one who always went to town.

Understanding Sequences

The first main even in the story is when the narrator's mother, Sally, decides to make baskets to get through the winter because baskets are always needed by people, and there will be a great demand for them at the town. Another main event in this...