Books are still better than movies.

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The movie Tuesdays with Morrie is about a young man named Mitch Albom who reconnects with a college professor that he had been estranged from for years. By chance, he sees Morrie on a TV show being interviewed. Morrie has been diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative, terminal illness. He knows that he is dying and he wants to share the experience with the world. Mitch always admired his professor Morrie and promised they would keep in contact after he graduated. Mitch however was very career oriented and lost touch with Morrie after graduation. He was shocked and saddened when he saw Morrie on TV. Mitch contacted Morrie and the two agreed to meet. It becomes routine for Mitch to come visit every Tuesday, he brings food with him for them to enjoy and Morrie talks. The story continues and Mitch sees Morrie getting weaker and weaker but still determined to share his views on life.

The meetings and teachings continue until Morrie's inevitable death.

The movie left me somewhat disappointed. It didn't seem to illustrate points as well as I could while reading the book. The book was able to go into better detail than the movie describing different things plus some things are left out due to time constraints for the movie.

In conclusion, I personally feel that books are better than movies because a person is able change the characters in such a way as to make them easier to relate to. A book can be so much more descriptive of the clothes, the surroundings, the facial expressions etc. and then the reader can use their own imagination to complete the scene. I also feel that while watching a movie you remain a spectator but when you read the book, you can...