The books I want to save

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The books I want to save

The book "Fahrenheit 451" gave me the idea to write about the books I want to save for the world after me. The government likes to read through all books before they come out. And they don't let them all come out or just when they are made very different. And if it will become very bad it will change so that no books are allowed any more because there is always one person who doesn't like what the book says. So someone needs to save what the books are saying.

The first book I would save is the bible. It is the book for the Christians. It is the first book that was ever printed. I think everyone should at least know about the bible. It has existed so long and I don't think it should be destroyed by a stupid government that just wants to make all people think the same way.

I would save it because it includes many ethic terms which everyone should follow.

The second one would be a History book. It is really important to save the history. If you know history well you know which mistakes were made in the past. So you can try to not make them again. And you can also look at the things they developed in the past. With this knowledge you can bring your own science forward.

I personally would become "the lord of the rings". I think it is the greatest fantasy novel. And I really like it that's why I choose it. It will be easy and fun for me to remember it. The world needs something that is like that to start to think creative. That's why it is more significant than the other two.