Boon Rawd Brewery Company analysis(including PEST,SWOT,Porter's Five forces analysis)

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Table of ContentExecutive summary3Corporate Background4Which industry or industries is the firm operating in?4Who are the customers?4Where does the company serve?5What needs are being satisfied by the company´s goods or services?5What are the company's distinctive competencies?6Which generic strategy in currently used by the company?7Country analysis and attractiveness assessment7Brazil PEST analysis7India PEST analysis12South Korea PEST analysis15Industry and Competitive Analysis-18Porter's Five Forces Analysis of Beer Industry in Thailand (as Consolidated Industry)18Beer industry in Brazil19Beer industry in India19Beer industry in South Korea20Company Situation22Problem/Key Issue22References24Executive summaryBoon Rawd Brewery is an Asian brewery founded in 1933 by Boonrawd Srethabutra in Thailand which also makes and sells soft drinks. Their best known product is the pale lager Singha. Today, the company remains in the hands of the family and is led by third-generation descendant Santi Bhirom Bhakdi.

Throughout the years, Boon Rawd has diversified into an award-winning brewer and beverage maker, exporting its globally recognized products worldwide.

The key to success and also be a mission statement is "Transparency! We do the right things. We live as a good citizen and don't cut corners." This principle is one of many that have helped Singha obtain the largest market share for beer in Thailand.

Domestically, the company sees strong growth in the beer segment dominated by Singha. It expects local demand to grow 6 percent next year to 1.2 billion liters by inaugurating a new facility in 2009.

Aside from Singha, Boon Rawd sells other beer varieties, soda water, drinking water, ready-to-drink fruit juices, ready-todrink coffee and tea beverages under various brands, such as Thai Beer, Leo, Moshi and B-ing, a flavored vitamin functional drink.

Although Boon Rawd got many awards in "beer capitals" such as Brussels, Osaka, America, Australia and New Zealand but in the word of president "you have to dare to challenge the...