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Though Barry Switzer's career may have not always been glamorous, it was always successful. Switzer grew up in Arkansas, but will always be connected with Oklahoma. He is one of the best coaches to ever coach college football, and reached a hundred wins faster than any other coach. Barry had a different style of coaching on and off the field. He has a College National Championship and a Super Bowl ring, which can't be said by many coaches. Due to his great success, he is still hailed by Sooner fans. Most people can't appreciate his success until they know what he has gone through to get it.

Barry Switzer was born on October 5, 1937. He was born in Crossett, a small town in southern Arkansas. His first house was a houseboat on the Ouachita River. His dad worked at the toll bridge over the river. In 1941 he and his family moved to Long Beach, California.

They moved there so his dad could work on ships during the war. When the war ended he moved back to Crossett, Barry just finished the third grade. His dad went through many jobs but didn't gain any money. Then he decided to go to Louisiana and buy a few cases of whiskey. He brought the cases back to the dry county of Crossett and made a good profit. After this he became a bootlegger. Barry grew up as a poor kid and didn't have electricity or running water until his senior in college. He attended the University of Arkansas to play football. He was more homesick than he thought he would, but quickly adjusted. He played for four years and often said he was never good enough player to play for one of his teams at Oklahoma.

At the beginning of his...