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Our plans for that day were not to visit la Boqueria, but having got off the metro at the wrong station, there it was, right in front of us, so we decided to have a quick look. We ended up spending most of the morning there, and even went back another day to buy a few things. This busy Barcelona market is really a must-see.

~Las Ramblas~


The market is situated off La Rambla de les Flors, one of 5 Ramblas, which are basically wide pedestrian avenues. Las Ramblas are the beautiful heart of the city, and no trip to Barcelona would be complete without a stroll down these bustling boulevards. There is something here for everyone, whether you like shopping (or window-shopping) or people-watching, and families with children will find plenty to look at, from the stalls selling birds and other animals, to the 'living-statues', some of which are really quite good.

On la Rambla de les Flors, you will see dozens of flower-sellers, creating a glowing display. And right across from the metro station Liceu (line 3), the Modernista iron and glass structure that houses the market can be seen to the side of the main thoroughfare. Let's enter...

~La Boqueria~


This market will grab every one of your senses. It is a visual feast, a riot of colours as your eyes are attracted by piles of vibrant fruit and vegetable, exotic looking fish, olives, pimientos, and much more. And those fruit and vegetables really smell, unlike the pale copies we found in our supermarket. Beautiful fresh smells, which mingle with the cooking smells from nearby tapas bars. And of course, in such a busy place, the noise contributes to the general ambience. I don't mean that the place is particularly noisy, but...