The Borderline to Emptiness

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A daemon’s scream is a terrifying sound to behold. Its very essence instills terror in the hearts of man, sowing doubt and scattering the faithless. Especially ones as physically grand as the Tailed Beasts, their huge daemonic bodies even more horrifying; nine tails this one had. Yet the screeches of this particular daemon failed to even move its captors.

RELEASE ME SCUM! I WILL GIVE THE ONE WHO RELEASES ME A QUICK DEATH AND UTTERLY IMMOLATE THE REST OF YOU!It struggled in a powerful binding spell, a gigantic arcane spell circle glowing brightly beneath it. Magical chains bound the daemon to the circle, unyielding against the giant’s strength. Its nine tails were similarly restrained, held down by these chains. Standing on select sigils were hundreds of men clad in silver armor, a halo of light encircling their heads. From them came a cacophony of chants and prayers, strengthening the bindings with each word uttered.

“Lo, though the time is dark, my faith shines.”One man stood out from them all, his blond hair and blue eyes shining against the daemonic fires. Unlike the others, he wore grand flowing robes and archaic armor, a headband with a leaf etched upon it wrapped around his forehead, standing in front of an altar covered with sacred objects. Floating majestically in front of him was a great gem, ablaze in pure untainted light. He chanted a different prayer, a spell triangle forming by his feet pulsing in symphony with the gem. At the same time, his hands blurred with motion, form a long series of hand seals. At its apex of light, the gem floated to come between the man and the beast.

“Begone, foul daemon! May you never trouble us again!”The gem sparkled brightly, a rainbow of colors against the fiery orange red...