Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a disorder that I find that is very interesting. I find myself asking many questions about Personality Disorders and wondering what it all involves. When we started to talk about Personality Disorders in class I was a bit confused on the material due to the massive amount of information that is included with this topic. After discussion in class and doing the reading from the book I have become a lot more familiar with these types of disorders.

Throughout the discussion of Personality Disorders I became very interested in the Borderline Personality Disorder. This type of disorder amazed me with the behaviors, the cause and treatment that are involved in this type of illness. I have heard of BPD on a broad aspect but never have researched or looked at the disorder in depth. I find that reading the book that is recommended for class has helped me to look at the disorder in a whole new aspect.

The things that fascinate me the most about Borderline Personality Disorder are the different types of behaviors that

an individual will encounter through out this disorder. In the reading it describes the common behaviors that a person might struggle with. It describes that an individual with BPD often experiences things such as poor self-image, feeling of emptiness, and unstable feelings etc. towards a lot of things.

I have several questions to why an individual with BPD is always experiencing such negative symptoms all the time. I do not understand how an individual can have such intense emotion that they frequently engage in hurting themselves though self-mutilation and other situations that are considered harmful to themselves. Although I feel as if I am not fully aware of reasons and cause for these types of behaviors I do believe that...