Bordo And Berger

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Susan Bordo who wrote Hunger as Ideology and John Berger who wrote Ways of seeing are both concerned how people view images. Bordo wants you to appeal to your emotions when viewing an image. Berger wants you to have feelings for the image. They both have their own distinct way of looking at pictures or paintings.

Berger said, ?Original paintings are silent and still in a sense that information never is?(Berger 125). When viewing an image Berger wants you to notice the detail and meaning. He thinks the way you view an image is the way you are going to interpret the image. Berger wants you to feel the image so you will almost experience an emotional connection with the picture. When I view Bargain Basement, Berger would be impressed that I make myself believe that I am there. When viewing images through Berger?s way it?s livelier and you get the fell effect of the piece that you are viewing.

Bordo says, ?to bring in examples that appear to violate traditional gender-dualities and the ideological messages contained in them?(Bordo 166). Almost all the time it?s your less than average persons in the advertisements. It always seems to be a perfect built woman or man. There is a meaning in each and every ad according to Bordo. For example, the woman in the Virginia Slims ad, she is a slender lady who is nice looking. The buyers of this product are not always slim or as good looking as the person in the ad. I would like to see that they would make the ads more realistic and I also think that Berger would agree with me. When advertising something, the ad should be what you get. None of this false advertising, consumers do not like that.

If Berger and Bordo...