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The Borley Rectory is possibly the most haunted house in England. The haunting of the Rectory flourished during the 1920's and the 1930's. The Rectory was located in the city of Borley and has had many owners before it finally was demolished in 1944. It is thought to he haunted by a nun who was buried in the walls.

During the 1920's and the 1930's stories and sightings of the nun at Borley flourished. In England during this time, Marconi creates the first short wave radio. England is still very primitive and this probably contributed to the spread of this legend. It is possible that people didn't really see anything but since no one could prove it, it was accepted to be true (Fang).

The Rectory was located in Borley, England. In 1863, it was built on the sight of an old Benedictine monastery for Reverend H.D.E Bull and his family.

Then in 1892 Bull died in the Blue Room. Afterward hi son, Harry Bull, took over until 1927, when he to passed away in the Blue Room that had now had a reputation as the most haunted room in the house. One year later Reverend Eric Smith and his wife moved in, and lived there for three years. Then October 1930 Reverend L.A Foyster and his wife Marianne moved in where they lived for 5 years. After they moved out in 1935, the property was leased to Harry Price for a whole year, where he made observations to see if it really was haunted.

The rectory burned down in 1939 when the owner, Captain William Gregson, accidentally knocked over an oil lamp near a bookstand. Then quickly got out of hand, destroying the rectory beyond repair. Then it was finally demolished in 1944.

Sightings of the ghost started...