Born on the 4th of July by Ron Kovic.. Book report and personal view, also compares and contrasts the movie a bit

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Born On the Fourth of July

By: Ron Kovic

This book reveals the courage and hardship Ron Kovic possessed

throughout his life and throughout the Vietnam war. Ron Kovic grew up in the town

of Massapequa, New York. He begins telling us his story right after he was

paralyzed on one of the beaches in Vietnam. He tells of the horrors of the VA

hospitals and how they never really got the proper care that was necessary for him

and a lot of the other veterans.

For hours they would lay in their own vomit, urine and feces with no one to

come and clean them up or help them get out of their mess. There were rats

everywhere in the hospital that would gnaw at their lifeless limbs at night while

they slept. Ron mentioned one individual that would throw his crumbs on the floor

purposefully to distract the rats from them.

The nurses and aides would come by

and not pay attention to them the way that they should, but instead to drug them

and put them to sleep. This situation in the VA hospitals deeply angered Ron. He

felt that he was not getting the proper treatment for being a Veteran of War and

laying his life on the line in defense for his country.

He then continues to tell of his childhood. Tales of him growing up in

Massapequa and playing the marines and baseball as a child with his friends,

Bobby Zimmer, Kenny, Pete and his best friend, Richie Castiglia. They had a

normal childhood like any other kid would, and he would dream of becoming a great

baseball player like Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees. He mentions he does

not want to be like his father, working at the A&P day...