Born to be good? What motivates us to be good, bad or indifferent towards others?

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People of the world have changed dramatically in recent years. Many of the customs are still in use as they were hundreds of years ago, but the emphasis on how to maintain those customs has changed. People are not as friendly as they once were because many human beings cannot be trusted. People have taken advantage of loyalty and honor as well as the laws that govern certain actions. The inequality and indifference towards human beings has been getting progressively worse. It is imperative that people learn to work together for a common good. Humanity. We must all endure hardships and tragedy, but it is our wits that make us human. Humans are the most advanced animals in the world because we can reason and think to overcome difficult situations. There are many Doctors and professionals who specialize in human nature and the study of personal actions towards others. These professionals have researched and validated the reason why many people are so indifferent with each other.


Born to be good? 3

Born to be good?

What motivates us to be good, bad or indifferent towards others?

The United States is a much different place today than it was over thirty years ago. There are

many types of people living in the US. That means various types of customs, religions and

courtesies. Thirty-five years ago there were people who believed that love for one another and the

world would be the way to peace for all humanity. That belief still exists for many people around the world. However, we still have many hateful people as well. We live in a world that is plagued by conflict of various sorts, disease and famine. These problems have been around for many years, but only now are we, as Americans, trying to save...