"Born for Liberty" A History of Women in America by Sara M. Evans.

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Sara M. Evans' Born for Liberty is the book that deciphers the real, previously obscured meaning of the role of women in America. It is more than obvious that women were the "men's pleasure " only, and before they were referred as the ignorant part of the world. The vision people, usually men, had about women was one that expressed lucidly that women lacked a kind of intelligence and ability to do something politically or manly done. What I believe Sara M. Evans is trying to imply through her introduction part of the book is that no matter how unfair it might have been to be considered that way, it is time for us, as women, to prove them wrong, and we have actually done a lot of work to do that, but we haven't had the opportunity to prove that yet! So, through this book Evans would want all of us to understand that at the same time men were making profound differences to this world, women were doing the same thing, but in a more hidden way, and actually much more effective in other ways!

According to Evans, women achieved a lot of things, but they weren't necessarily the same as the ones men achieved! " American women changed the meaning of public life itself.

They did this over a long period of time while simultaneously shaping and adapting their own private sphere, the family, to changing times...women made possible a new vision of active citizenship unlike the original vision based on the worlds of small farmers and artisans" (Evans 3).

Setting right most of the public relations is not an easy thing to do, and women were actually the ones who set the "records" straight. What I mean, or to be more accurate, what Evans means...