"Born For Liberty" A History of Women in America by Sara M. Evans.

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The Introduction part of the book Born for Liberty by Sara M. Evans is the written path of being informed of the History of Women in America. As it is mentioned in the first few pages of this book, there is a lack of information that we need to fill in ourselves. We have all heard from many historians specially, that our World cannot take the right direction if it finds its past obscured and hard to be seen! I believe a lot of things are connected to each other, and history is one of the most relevant part of our globe and the reason being is because we depend on what our ancestors had been through! The fact that I am using the word depend might confuse you by giving you the wrong idea! In the past, there have been a lot of wonderful, but without forgetting to mention the "not so pretty" moments that people have lived years ago!

Historians are the ones who are willing to examine and study the roots of out life in order to offer us the opportunity to improve our chances of the event that might happen again as it usually does when there are pieces of the puzzle missing! We learn from what had happened to our ancestors, and this way we figure out something else that should improve our life, and diminishing the chances of something ugly to happen again! I guess, all of us know that there has been an abundance of distinct wars in many different countries, and as the years are going by we are reducing the numbers of wars around the world and that is because we learned from the other's mistakes!

Now going back to the main topic, the history of Women in America, there...