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Kyle Is His Name

Sometimes some of our work experiences are not the greatest memories we will have. I'm saying this, because I know many people that don't like to talk about work due to the stress they go through. I found out that in most cases the boss is the one running the work experience for most people. Fortunately I have been lucky enough to have a boss that inspires me to be better, and at the same time challenges my work. A man who is 6'5 tall, with a rough voice, and hands of the size of a tennis racket can be real intimidating when you first look at him, but he is not. Once you work with him realize how sweet, and generous that big guy can be. He is clever enough to push you to you limits, and get the most out of it.

He uses his passion and knowledge to help us, making the process enjoyable.

He creates a confortable work atmosphere, by being bossy only when truly needed. There must have been hardly very few episodes that I saw him raising his voice, or giving someone "the look". When he would give "the look" we knew that person was in trouble. He starts blinking at you, then all the sudden he stares at your face, and with his eyes he tells you where he wants you to go. Besides this he is an angelic man. I am not the only one who would say this about him; in fact everyone in my office shares my thoughts. When anyone has a problem he tries to understand and be supportive about it. His positivism contributes to the growth and development of our work place.

I can say...