Boston Matrix Analysis On the Irn Bru Brand

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Analysing the current position that the current Irn Bru brand stand in the soft drink brand share its suggest that they are somewhat declining in their brand share of the soft drinks market due to innovations that competitors may have released as a way of gaining an advantage over their competitors, this manifests where at current 2002 saw their brand share was at 9.6% however 2003 saw their brand share suffer a deficit -0.6% this decline trend seemed to be consistent with other soft drink brands apart from other brand who released a new innovation of their brand experienced an increased share of the brand share. However, more relevantly looking at the current market share that AG. Barr hold, which is a mere 14.1%, is diminutive in comparison to the market share stronghold that other soft drink manufactures hold and keeping in mind that that within the 14.1%

percent of the soft drinks markets further entails of other Barr products other than A.G Barr, that include Tizzer, Irn Bru and various other soft drink brands. (Please See Brand Share graphs and Market share graph)

Taking into consideration the information above in terms of interpreting and applying the information to the Boston matrix the current position of the current irn Bru brand in the Boston matrix lies within the "Dog". As with reference to A.G Barr's Irn Bru their current market share stronghold of the soft drinks market lies at a mere 14.1 hence entailing a low market, other characteristics of the "Dog" include where Irn Bru are no longer profitable from the products they trade in the soft drinks market. However this may not be the case as A.G Barr chairman recently announced that a profit increases was on...