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"Desert Destinations" in Horticulture magazine, March 2002.

The city of Tucson, Arizona is home to three botanical gardens, including one that proclaims itself a "zoo, natural history museum, and botanical garden, all in one." Plants not native to the arid desert were introduced to create huge gardens. These gardens thrived because of the constant watering and protection from predators. However, the animals play an important part in the garden's success, the birds and insects help pollinate and gain a meal.

The garden also showcases plants that are native and ones that were typical to the 30's, 40's, and 50's. The idea behind the gardens is to help promote gardening and care for nature. Gardeners in the same area can use these gardens for inspiration and also gain useful tips on taking care of any particular plant.

This article can be useful to me because I know that with the right tools and knowledge almost any plant not native to an area can be grown.

The botanical gardens are very helpful to home gardeners in desert area because they show that you can have beautiful gardens despite being in the desert.

The article can be related to practical botany because of the knowledge that can be gained from these gardens. These gardens illustrate how animals are a detrimental part of plant-life and how plants, when taken care of correctly, can live almost in any area. The gardens can also provide a place for people who love to garden to get new ideas for their home gardens or just appreciate the gardens for what their worth.